Lemur jumps into driver's seat of Florida meter reader's truck

Clay Electric employee misses selfie opportunity during animal encounter

By Peter Burke - Local10.com Managing Editor

This lemur presumbaly doesn't have a license, but that didn't seem to stop the animal from getting into the driver's seat of a meter reader's work truck. (Facebook/Clay Electric)

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - A meter reader for a Florida electric company had a surprise guest waiting for him in his truck while he was working in the Fort White area -- a lemur.

Clay Electric Cooperative spokesman Jordan Wade told Local10.com that an employee was checking meters in the neighborhood when he came back to his truck and saw the lemur perched on the open window before it jumped into the driver's seat.

Wade said the employee was trying to figure out what to do when the lemur hissed at him.

The lemur eventually climbed out and got on the tool box in the bed of the truck, so the employee got inside the cab, rolled up the window and waited until the lemur scurried away.

The worker was surprised to find a lemur perched on the open window of his truck. (Facebook/Clay Electric)

Before the lemur left, the employee took some pictures of his lemur encounter that were later shared on the company's Facebook page.

"He just thought it was hilarious," Wade said.

Wade said the employee's co-workers joked that he should have gotten inside and taken a selfie with the lemur.

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