Skunk smell overwhelms New Mexico town

Police trapping, relocating healthy animals


A skunk odor is plaguing residents of a New Mexico town.

New Mexico police are trapping and relocating skunks that are stinking up the town of Hagerman.

Skunks are emerging from hibernation early, thanks to a mild winter, KRQE-TV reported. Police have received multiple calls about the skunks creating a hazard in the Hagerman area.

“What we’re going to be doing is setting traps around Hagerman," Hagerman Police Patrolman Adam Chavez told KRQE. "It’s not just Hagerman. It’s Lake Arthur, as well as Dexter."

Police are repurposing traps used for feral cats to snag the skunks and bring the healthy ones to a spot on the east side of town, away from residents, KRQE reported.

Roswell's animal control agency has picked up 11 skunks this year, KRQE reported.

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