Woman pleads guilty to having loud sex

Amanda Marie Warfel also accused of threatening neighbors who complained

By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer

Amanda Marie Warfel

RED LION, Penn. - It's one thing to dream of one day having furniture-rattling sex, it's another to have to hear it and not be a participant.

A Pennsylvania woman was sentenced to spend up to 90 days in prison after pleading guilty to having loud sex.

Neighbors who lived alongside Amanda Marie Warfel complained of hearing sex noises and loud music coming through the walls.

According to the York Daily Herald, neighbors would have to wear headphones to block out the Warfel's amorous cries of passion.

One neighbor claimed she had been living with the noises for 2 years and said one of Warfel's lovemaking sessions was so loud, it shook the neighbors' dresser and bed.

When faced with complaints, Warfel, 25, allegedly retorted with racist comments and foul language


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