What to do when your child loses permanent teeth

In an Emergency: What should you do?

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - When it comes to being ready to handle an emergency, parents need to always be on their toes. Local 10's Kristi Krueger finds out what you are supposed to do if one of your children's permanent teeth falls out.

Dr. Peter Antevy is a pediatric emergency physician at Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital who has seen his share of panicked parents.

"I think parents will act very nervously when their children are injured. It's just a parent thing," said Antevy.

But when it comes to a knocked out tooth, the doctors says as long as you think fast, everything should be okay.

"Stay calm. Take some milk out, wash the tooth off without touching the root of the tooth," said Antevy. "You can touch the crown of the tooth, clean it with some milk, and then you can leave it in the milk."

You can even take it one step further.  Antevy says if you're bold enough, take that tooth and reinsert it into the socket within the first five minutes.

"That scares a lot of people. It scares a lot of doctors, but I would say its very simple and just re-insert it back in there," said Antevy

Whatever you do, you must act quickly. The doctor says the tooth will die if out of the socket for more than an hour.

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