Who was Robert Labranche, AKA Bizzle?

Local rapper was South Florida favorite

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Publicity photo of Robert "Bizzle" Labranche from his MySpace music channel.

The rapper known as Bizzle was born Robert Labranche and rose from a tough upbringing to become a favorite in South Florida rap circles.

Arrested 27 times as a youth, Labranche worked to turn his life around and at the time of his death he owned various businesses including a restaurant and window-tinting business.

Playing in local clubs, Bizzle gained national fame with songs like "Lip Biting Animal" and "Naked Hustle."

Friends and family say Labranche was never one to turn his back on his hometown and those he grew up with.

With his two children in the backseat, Labranche was gunned down inside his car at a Miami car wash on October 15.

Labranche was 37.

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