Woman charged in death of 3-year-old son

Fafane Caze admitted to fatally torturing Ghanson Debrosse

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. - The South Florida who police say admitted to fatally torturing her 3-year-old son was charged with aggravated child abuse/torture on Wednesday.

Fafane Caze was being held Wednesday at a Miami-Dade County jail on $50,000 bond. Faze did not appear in bond court to face charges. Police say more charges are expected, pending an autopsy.

On Wednesday, detectives told the judge how Caze said she killed her son.

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"She told me that the victim defecated himself. She washed him. She took him to the living room. She grabbed an aluminum broom and she began to beat him on his body with the broom handle," a detective said.

"Did you find the broom handle?" the judge asked.

"Yes. It was broken," the detective replied.

That detective also said that Caze told investigators she flung her son across the room and he hit his head on the corner of a table. He fell backwards, hitting his head, began gasping for air and asked for water.

"She told me that she struggled to give him water but he couldn't drink. She noticed he stopped breathing and she tried CPR," the detective said. "She said she called 911 soon after."

Authorities believe Caze's son, Ghanson Debrosse, was dead for hours before he was taken to a hospital early Tuesday.

"She confessed to everything involved with the abuse of the child," North Miami Police Maj. Neal Cuevas said.

The boy's body showed signs of both past and fresh abuse, along with trauma to his head and injuries consistent with having been whipped with an extension cord, police said.

"There were signs of abuse on every inch of his body, and he really suffered," Cuevas said. "There were signs of his being burned — his lips, his face, his fingers."

According to the arrest report, Caze willfully tortured and maliciously punished the boy by using a lighter to burn his genitals in an attempt to stop him from urinating on the floor.

In addition, she used her security guard belt to repeatedly beat him in order to punish him for misbehaving.

The arrest report further said that Caze refused medical help to treat the boy's injuries, and instead "concocted a remedy of vegetable oil and laundry blue" to treat his wounds.

In another court room on Wednesday, the Department of Children and Families said it would move to terminate Caze's parental rights next month, and placed her other two children in a foster home together.

"My heart is breaking for this child," said DCF Interim Secretary Esther Jacobo. "Now we must focus our complete attention to protecting Ghanson's siblings and working with law enforcement to see that those responsible for his death are held accountable."

DCF stands by its statement that no one could have predicted this tragedy even though, three years ago, the agency was called to the home following a domestic violence incident during which Caze allegedly threatened to throw her then infant at his father.

"I told police that woman crazy. She wanted to throw my son like a piece of trash," the man said.

According to DCF, following the incident, Caze was ordered to attend anger management and parenting classes, case managers made frequent visits to the home each week, and the family received economic assistance. The couple completed the requirements and the case was closed in March of 2011.  The family was under the state's watch for a total of four months.

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