Woman dragged in purse snatching

Gaye Gungor suffers scrapes, bruises; Police release sketch of 1 robber

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - A woman visiting South Florida suffered scrapes and bruises after a man stole her purse and dragged her with his car as he tried getting away.

"First, I wanted to grab my purse. I felt I could because I was very close to the guy, but then when he got in the car, I tried to jump in the car," said Gaye Gungor, a professor visiting from Turkey. "I said, 'Throw away my passport. Just take everything I have, just throw away my passport out of the window because I'm flying tomorrow.' I was begging. I don't know what I was thinking."

The robbery happened in the parking lot of the Courtyard Marriot Hotel, located at 2051 LeJeune Road, on Saturday afternoon. Gungor said a man greeted her, then grabbed her purse. She told police she held onto the door until she was unable to hold on any longer.

Gungor received eight stitches on her forehead.

"I have a headache, like, because it's swollen all here and I can touch and it feels like numb," she said.

Police released a sketch (above left) of one of the robbers. The other served as the getaway driver.

Doctors advised Gungor stay in South Florida because she was still receiving severe headaches.

Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call the Coral Gables Police Department at 305-442-1600.

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