Woman says Massage Envy changed credit card info

Owner calls former employee 'disgruntled', denies

DAVIE, Fla. - A South Florida woman claims she was fired from Massage Envy in Davie because she refused to tamper with credit card expiration dates.

The former employee, who asked not to be identified, has filed a report with the Davie Police Department and said anyone who has been a member of Massage Envy should check their credit card statements.

At Massage Envy, clients can buy a 3, 6 or a 12 month membership. Employees say most people use a credit card which is on file..

The former employee told Local 10's Jeff Weinsier she was approached by Massage Envy Manager Raina O'Brien with a four page list of clients who had expired credit cards.

"She wanted me to go into the system and change their expired cards to a new date so a payment could go through," the woman said.

She refused.

"She said we haven't made our numbers for the end of the month so we need to do this to get as much money as we can before the month is over," the woman added.

O'Brien offered no comment to Local 10.

The former employee said she went to the owners of Massage Envy in Davie and called corporate, adding she was eventually fired without reason.

Local 10 also talked to another former employee who quit. That employee confirmed people would constantly call and come in to complain about having unauthorized charges on their credit cards.

In a email to Local 10,  Massage Envy owner Gary Hirsch called the employee who came to us "a disgruntled former employee."

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The e-mail says, "With the knowledge that the Davie clinic did nothing unethical or unlawful, and due to the fact that this former employee tried to compromise confidential information belonging to Massage Envy and its clients, management rightfully did not re-hire her."

But Local 10 has obtained an internal memo addressed to employees, which says: "Please in any way do not manually change/add any information on Massage Envy Spa client credit cards without client consent. It's been brought to our attention that there have been some unauthorized changes to client's credit cards; this is against our policy."

The Davie Police department has not assigned the case to a detective.

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