Woman who lost her cool in bond court to appear in court again Tuesday

Blanca Regalado charged with stabbing 'drunk' husband

MIAMI - A 53-year-old woman charged with attempted murder had to be restrained when a judge told her she'd be held on no bond.

Police arrested Blanca Regalado on Saturday.

According to an arrest affidavit, police responded to an apartment at 1800 N. Bayshore Drive in Miami in reference to a stabbing. When officers arrived, fire rescue was transporting Regalado's husband to the Jackson Memorial Hospital after he suffered six stab wounds to his upper abdomen, right arm, and right leg.

"I didn't see anybody, just the cops," said neighbor Alfredo Cappelli. "The door was open. The cops were in and out."

Inside the victim's apartment, Regalado told police, "I did it. My husband is a drunk. I'm tired of him and I stabbed him," according to the affidavit. She also told police her husband becomes aggressive when he drinks and that she prepared a Swiss Army knife in her dresser for the next time they fought.

Regalado's husband is listed in serious condition. When an officer told her that her husband would be okay, Regalado reportedly replied, "No, I want him dead."

She appeared in bond court Monday.

WATCH: Regalado appears in bond court

"You are being charged with attempted felony murder," said Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat. "Do you have money for a private attorney?"

Regalado appeared confused when asked.

"Let's relax. Just answer my question. Do you have money for a private attorney?" Rodriguez-Chomat asked again.

"Si," she responded.

But when Rodriguez-Chomat told her she would be held without bond, Regalado began screaming.

"Please no! No, don't do that! Don't do that to me! My husband broke my leg!" she yelled. "Please! No! No! No!"

Regalado had to be restrained in her wheelchair. She is expected back in court Tuesday for a probable cause hearing.

Regalado has a cast up to her knee. It's unclear how she was injured.

Rodriguez-Chomat declined comment about the incident.

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