Woman's face swells after spa treatment

Viviana Ayala arrested for practicing medicine without a license

DORAL, Fla. - The owner of a spa in Doral has been arrested and faces multiple charges after a customer's face swelled following a facial rejuvenation treatment at the spa, police said.

The incident happened at Viviana's Body Secrets Spa in June.

According to an arrest affidavit, the woman, identified by her attorney as Isabel Gonzalez, 48, visited the spa for a facial rejuvenation treatment. Viviana Ayala, who owns the spa, injected Gonzalez's face with a substance that Ayala said were vitamins. After the procedure, Gonzalez paid $890 for the treatment.

Following the treatment, Gonzalez developed swelling and infections on her face. She has been hospitalized since August 17.

Ayala was arrested on Thursday. According to investigators, she is not a licensed medical practitioner and is not legally authorized to provide injections or practice medicines. Police also said Ayala advertises herself as a masseuse but is unlicensed in the State of Florida.

Ayala is charged with Practicing a Health Care Profession, Causing Injury; Practice of Medicine Without a License; Unlicensed Practice of Massage Therapy; and, Aggravated Battery.

The City of Doral shut down Viviana's Body Secrets Spa and revoked Ayala's certificate of occupancy for conduct that is contrary to the public health.

Business owners in the plaza where the spa is located were shocked.

"I have used one of the services before but like three owners ago. They have been changing a lot of owners over here but it has always been one of those salons or a spa," said Deepak Dadlani.

Attorneys for Ayala offered no comment on the charges. In published reports, attorneys have denied Ayala injected Gonzalez.

Gonzalez's attorney released a statement, saying: "Viviana's Body Secrets Spa caused severe injury and disfigurement to Isabel Gonzalez by performing unlicensed medical injections to the face of Isabel Gonzalez which have necessitated multiple surgeries and caused severe emotional distress and untold financial expense to her and to her family."

"To add to the harm, Viviana's Body Secrets is denying responsibility for the harm caused by its own owner, even though Viviana the owner drove the patient to a medical doctor's facility to try and cover up the injuries she had caused."

"We condemn the actions of Viviana's Body Secrets and its owner as well as those who have collaborated with Viviana to try and cover up her errors."

"A full investigation into the acts of Viviana and all those with whom she has collaborated to cover up her mistakes is in process."


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