Venezuelans head to the polls for ‘mega elections’ this Sunday

Several positions are set to be filled in elections this weekend in Venezuela

Venezuelans head to the polls this weekend to participate in what has been described as “mega-elections.” For the first time in years, the opposition, led by Juan Guaido plans to participate.

Groups have canvassed neighborhoods in Venezuela for weeks, handing out sample ballots and organizing soup kitchens.

For the first time in three years, the mainstream opposition is planning to participate in the elections on Sunday.

More than 3,000 positions, including governors and mayor positions are on the ballot.

The return of many opposition leaders to the electoral path ended up being paved in the framework of the now suspended dialogues in Mexico.

Local 10′s Cody Weddle spoke with Ivan Nieto, a candidate in Chicao, one of Caracas’ opposition areas.

“The objective is not to win. The objective is to reset ourselves as the opposition and reconfigure ourselves as a democratic option,” said Nieto.

Figures like Juan Guaido have walked a thin line, saying these elections won’t be free or fair, but they are not discouraging participation.

Political analyst Luis Peche says, after a likely defeat, the opposition will try to find who is responsible. Predicting a reconfiguration of the opposition, following the election.

Nicolás Maduro is expected to win, due to a long list of pre-election maneuvers and low turnout among opposition voters.

For some, a process amounting to a chronicle of defeat foretold.

Maduro’s party is expected to win, even though his approval rating only hovers around 15 percent.

The European Union is sending a group of election observers. The group will carry out an independent technical assessment of the entire electoral process and give recommendations for future elections.

Their report is expected to be released 48 hours after the election.

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