Wynwood grows in popularity

It's one of the hottest neighborhoods in Miami

MIAMI, Fla. - From rundown to reborn, Wynwood is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Miami. Don't believe it, business owners along Miami Avenue between 20 and 29th streets say come see for yourself.

Things are shaking on Thursday nights at happy hour in Wynwood.

Bars are busy, streets are alive, coffee shops and restaurants are serving. There's a buzz in the "wood".

"It's the influence of the younger generation," said Fabio Nick of Dimsa Distributing, a hosiery maker.

He came to Wynwood 30 years ago, joining other garment and apparel businesses in the warehouse district.

Over the years though, most closed or moved on.

"You never thought that a place, a area that was so run down, that was so I would call it dangerous to become the in place," said Nick.

Art dealers like Fred Snitzer began the resurgence, getting large spaces for small prices.

"This is a community full of warehouses. Warehouses that have very high ceilings, concrete floors, raw space and for exhibiting contemporary art that's perfect," said Snitzer.

Not only inside, but outside too.

Everywhere you look blank walls have been transformed into super-sized murals. "Just having the street art out there for everybody to see. Customers and local people, they like being in that environment," said Tony Cho of Metro1 Properties. He's been selling in Wynwood for 12 years.

Clients like Alex Litowitz and her sister Donya have been renting space for their hair accessory business. Now they're looking to buy.

"We love the neighborhood. We love that it's kind of raw and urban," said Donya. "We actually hang out here on the weekends.   I actually leave South Beach to come to Wynwood to hang out."

Cho expects another 7 to 10 years of resurgence in the area.

Boutique hotels have inquired about locating there and Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati is set to open a showroom and repair facility by the end of this year.

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