Young kids bogged down with hours of work

Parents, kids wonder if it's too much

DAVIE, Fla. - These days, when school gets out, most kids have plenty of work still to do.

Some parents say the homework load is just too much.

Lexi Finney, 10, loves playing after school, but the 5th grader's homework load often keeps her inside.

Lexi says she has anywhere from one to three hours of homework every night.

"Right when we get home its all work and then its dinner time and we don't have anytime to play," Lexi says. "Then we have to go to bed and every night we have to read 20 minutes of homework, even on weekends," said Lexi.

Heather, Lexi's mom, says nights at their home can get pretty busy, with three kids and lots of work to be done.

"I can't imagine having a child that I would have to fight with to do their homework on a constant basis, much less turn around and study with them on vocabulary words, because she does that all herself," Finney said.

"Sometimes people cry over too much work and I've done that before, and it's just really stressing," Lexi says.

And while no one wants any tears shed over homework, Local 10 went in search for the rules about take home assignments.

Kristi Rippo is the assistant principal at Boulevard Heights Elementary in Hollywood.

"It's a rule of thumb that we like to follow. Ten minutes for each grade level.  So 10 minutes in first grade, 20 minutes in second grade, and so on," Rippo said.

She says homework should be a re-enforcement of a skill that was already taught in the classroom and should never be anything a child is seeing for the first time.

"It needs to be practice, but limited practice and purposeful," Rippo says.

And while parents should make sure that the homework is getting done, they shouldn't be the ones teaching, something Heather agrees with.

"I am an active parent but I also believe that the child should be responsible," said Finney. "I can't follow up behind my child at everything or every time because that's not teaching her self discipline or self motivation."

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