Defense: George Zimmerman has gained 120 pounds

Could his weight gain impact the jury?

By Christina Vazquez - Reporter
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George Zimmerman's weight gain has been nothing less than astonishing.

Looking at court appearances side-by-side, the Zimmerman of now barely resembles the Zimmerman of past.

His attorney Mark O'Mara saying he's put on 120 pounds!

I was curious about what impact, if any, that could have on the jury. I posed the question to University of Miami Associate Law Professor Mary Anne Franks, who told me Zimmerman's larger stature could visually challenge the claim that he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense.

"He seems bigger now than he was back then," she said. "So if we're trying to imagine a scenario where he's making this narrative that says, ‘I felt really threatened, I was really scared, I was worried about my life, my safety.' They are looking at this guy and if he seems like this big, confident guy that may undermine that narrative somehow, so they may need to reemphasize the fact is that's not what he looked like back then."

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