Judge Debra Nelson allows George Zimmerman's calls to police

Jurors will get to hear five non-emergency calls

SANFORD, Fla. - Judge Debra Nelson ruled Wednesday that jurors will be able to hear five recordings of non-emergency calls George Zimmerman made to police.

Zimmerman made the calls in the six months before the Feb. 26, 2012 shooting. In some of the calls he told dispatchers there had been burglaries in his neighborhood.

"It shows the context in which the defendant sought out his encounter with Trayvon Martin," prosecutor Richard Mantei said.

Defense attorney Mark O'Mara argued that the five calls were irrelevant.

Prosecutors are "going to ask the jury to make a leap from a good, responsible, citizen behavior to seething behavior," O'Mara said.

Nelson listened to the calls in the courtroom Tuesday, as the jurors waited outside.

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