Local 10 secures a seat for historic trial

LIVE gavel to gavel coverage of the George Zimmerman trial

SANFORD, Fla. - Local 10 is committed to covering the George Zimmerman trial gavel to gavel. 

Our very own Christina Vazquez will occupy seat number 19 from the moment jury selection begins on Monday until a verdict is reached. Expect daily live updates and a real time streaming Twitter feed detailing the events happening both in and out of the Sanford courthouse.

Twenty-four courtroom seats are designated for the public who will be chosen through a daily lottery system.

The 18th Judicial Court for Seminole County has also carefully considered where people will gather outside the courthouse and what they can bring. For instance demonstrators are free to bring protest signs, as long as they are not on wooden sticks.

By administrative order protesters or people "wishing to express an opinion" will be restricted to a designated "grassy area" 128' from the courthouse's front door.

Weapons will be barred from what is expected to be an emotionally-charged demonstration area.  This includes "firearms, fireworks…bladed instruments" and batons or clubs. The restriction includes people with a concealed weapons permit.

But take a look at what else you can't bring without a pre-authorized permit: "musical speakers, loud speakers or sound amplifiers of any kind, chairs, coolers, backpacks, signage affixed to wood, piping or metal, tents or temporary structures, any type of vendor sales or service, alcoholic beverages, portable generators, cooking grills, open fires, or any other item deemed dangerous by the Sheriff's Office."

Law enforcement plans to check bags and purses to ensure the rules are followed.

For a list of what's allowed and what isn't, click here.

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