Reporter's Notebook: Former prosecutor on medical examiner's notes

Day 9 of George Zimmerman trial

By Christina Vazquez - Reporter

WPLG-Local 10 Christina Vazquez talked to former federal prosecutor David Weinstein about medical examiner Shiping Bao's notes.

These are what are referred to as "rough notes," they are usually destroyed by the writer after he or she writes their official report.

If the notes exist, they should have been provided to the defense during discovery.

They may not contain inconsistencies, but they will reveal the thought process used during the creation of the report.

If they do contain inconsistencies, they will allow the defense to poke holes in the Medical Examiner's testimony as it relates to his conclusions about a number of items. More likely the struggle that proceeded the death, not the cause of death.

The defense is entitled to review a witnesses notes if the witness used and/or relied on the notes to prepare to testify. He [Dr. Shiping Bao] is making too much of a deal about this and now it looks like he is trying to hide something.

This Medical Examiner is not from Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda's district. Again this is the effect of the special assignment.

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