Zoo Miami elephant Machito dies

32-year-old elephant was sick for weeks

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MIAMI - There was sad news on Tuesday from Zoo Miami.

Zoo Communications Director Ron Magill confirmed that Machito, the zoo's gravely ill 32-year-old elephant, has died.

Machito had been sick for weeks.

PHOTOS: Zoo Miami's Machito

Magill released the following statement on Tuesday.\

"It is with great sadness that Zoo Miami reports that Machito, our 32-year-old African elephant, was euthanized today due to his increasingly deteriorating condition and the lack of response to a variety of treatments that were part of the enormous effort to try to save him."

Magill said veterinarians tried a wide variety of medications, but none worked.

Machito lived for 32 years, which is the equivalent of 50 to 60 human years, according to the zoo.

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