Zoo visitors go swimming with the tigers

Tiger cub becomes main attraction

DADE CITY, Fla. - Dade City's Wild Things  Zoo is giving visitors a chance to experience a real close encounter: swimming with a tiger cub.

Participants will have to shell out $200 for about 30 minutes with Tony the tiger.

"You get to spend some time on the land playing with them... running around. Sometimes, he'll take his bottle so you get to feed him. And, you actually get to get in the water with him," said Randy Stearns with Dade City's Wild Things.

Tony weighs less than 25 pounds. The zoo says that makes swimming with him legal according to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

When Tony reaches 25 pounds, he will have to be restrained according to FWC guidelines.

The zoo also features a "gator pool party" hosted by Allie the alligator. Guests are allowed to swim with Allie while her mouth is taped shut.

Handlers at Dade City's Wild Things supervise all animal interactions. For more information, click here.

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