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Dogs held in small cages at Parkland dog rescue ordered to be removed

K94U Dog Rescue director given 7 days to remove dogs from property

PARKLAND, Fla. – The director of a dog-rescue business has been ordered to remove all dogs from its Parkland property within seven days after the dogs were found to be stacked in small cages.

According to an incident report, a Coral Springs fire inspector visited the Broward Sheriff's Office Parkland district office on Thursday to report the business that she believed had unhealthy conditions for the animals.

Inspector Lici Merrit told deputies that she was conducting an inspection at the K94U Dog Rescue at 6901 NW 84th Ave. and noticed an area that had many caged dogs.

Merrit acknowledged that the dogs appeared to be in good health and saw numerous medications for the dogs at the property. She said there was a strong animal smell, but did not notice any feces.

According to an incident report, deputies visited the dog rescue later in the day and found 40 to 60 dogs in stacked cages in a small barn-like structure.

All dogs appeared to be in good health, but were confined in a small space.

The dog rescue's director, Delcie Cullin, was ordered to remove the dogs from the property within seven days.

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Amanda Batchelor is the managing editor for Local10.com.