South Florida cat born with backward hind legs

Veterinarian seeks $4,000 to help pay for Clubby's surgeries


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A South Florida veterinarian is raising money to help a rescued kitten who was born with backward hind legs.

According to its owner, the cat named Clubby was found underneath wood planks during a raid at a property where about 128 cats were found in deplorable conditions.

"No air conditioning. No lights. They were in their own feces. Some of them immediately had to be euthanized," veterinarian Lisa Bennett, who found the kitten, said.

"He was just a little tiny kitty when I accidentally came to find him all alone after hearing a shallow cry for help," the GoFundMe page set up to help the cat said. "It was just so sad to see him crawling from underneath huge wood boards as if this was his last chance for survival, but I knew then he was not a quitter and I promised him I would try my best to make his life better from that moment on."

Bennett said Clubby's back legs are literally upside down, so he has to walk on the tops, not his pads. Still, Bennett said Clubby is an outgoing cat that follows you around and likes to be held.

"He seemed to have this will to live," Bennett said. "He was eating well and was able to ambulate on his deformed legs. So we thought we would give him a shot."

Clubby underwent surgery Wednesday to repair one leg, but veterinarians decided to delay surgery on the other leg because of the length of time the first surgery took.

"What we need to do is release some tendons," surgeon Jose Gorostiza said. "We need to realign the foot into the correct position and hold it in place."

Clubby's owner is seeking $4,000 to help pay for the cat’s surgeries.

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