Man says family pet attacked, killed by pit bull, other dogs

Neighbors heard attack, came to dog's aid

CUTLER BAY, Fla. – Still shaken, Ronald Walker remembers the terrifying moment his 7-year-old mixed breed Rusty was attacked by a pack of dogs.

"The big dog jumped the fence, and the smaller dogs went through here," Walker said.

A neighbor's surveillance camera caught the pack trying to jump the fence Tuesday morning. The biggest one was the first to make it over the fence. 

Walker believes one of the dogs was a pit bull, a breed that is illegal in Miami-Dade County. The dogs immediately latched onto Rusty and wouldn't let go. 

"Blood was coming out of his ears, his nose," Walker said. "He lost both of his canine teeth, the big ones in the front. He was skinned all over and had lacerations on both sides and a deep hole. I suspect it was an artery."

The attack was so loud that neighbors heard it and rushed to help. 

"I tried to get tools, something to hit the dog to get him away, but he wouldn't let go," Cristy Blanco said.

Britney Torres said she was covered in Rusty's blood when she tried to stop the fight.

"In the house, I grabbed a towel and I was trying to apply pressure on his neck to stop (the) bleeding," she said.  

Miami-Dade police and animal services were called. Rusty was taken to a veterinarian, where he was treated but died shortly after being sent home. 

Family and friends said the owner of at least one of the dogs that attacked lives down the block. 

 Local 10 News attempted to get a comment. 

"Well, it's been very painful, but I think we have the best neighbors in the world," Walker said. 

Walker said the man who owns those dogs has been visited at least five times by authorities because of those dogs.