Man rides electric bike across US with dog to break world record

MIAMI – In 2013, Mike Minnick and his rescue pooch, Bixby, set out together on an adventure.

"Initially, our goal was to go from the easternmost town in Maine to Key West," Minnick said.

They bumped into a Local 10 News crew along the way.

"I didn't realize what impact that interview had on us," Minnick said.

From there, Minnick and Bixby traveled the country, a 19,000-mile journey across America, visiting animal shelters in 45 states.

"I went to New Orleans. We pedaled in a Mardi Gras parade and we went to Austin, Texas, where we got to send a happy birthday to an 81-year-old Willie Nelson," Minnick said.

Minnick is from Austin and adopted Bixby there at a shelter. Her breed is unknown.

Today, the duo is back in South Florida.
"I use Bixby as an ambassador to shelter dogs," Minnick said. "She's indicative of the sort of adventures that a shelter dog can bring us humans."

And with a new electric bicycle, Minnick and his 7-year-old dog are looking to smash a world record

"An adventure of a lifetime while spreading a positive message," Minnick said. "We are headed to California."

Minnick said he's writing a children's book about his adventures with his best friend. He's also in the process of creating a nonprofit organization to raise money for animal shelters across the country.