Dog and duck form unlikely friendship

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – While dogs and cats have their obvious differences, there is nothing stopping a dog and duck from forming a lifelong friendship.

Max the Huskie and Quackers the duck are best pals on the small farm they share in Minnesota.

The two found each other out of dire circumstances. Max, 4, had just lost a fellow farm Huskie named Sasha, while WWCO reports Quakers had lost friends as well.

When Quackers arrived on the farm in Strout, Max would sit next to his pen all day, forming a bond with his new duck friend.

Now the two do everything together.

They sleep, eat, drink and go for walks with each other along the roads of the small town. Max and Quackers even share a room in the garage.

“Some people have said that a duck will find a mate, a companion, and once they have that companion they’re set,” farm owner  Kirsten Riley said. “And that’s what Quackers found with Max.”