Man crushed to death by 8-foot pet python


HAMPSHIRE, England – A man was crushed to death by his 8-foot pet python in what the coroner called a "show of affection."

Dan Brandon, 31, of Hampshire, England is the first person in Britain to be killed by a python, according to the Daily Mail.

Brandon was found dead of asphyxiation by his mother in his bedroom last August. A pathologist concluded the cause of death after finding a hemorrhage behind one of Brandon's eyes, burst blood vessels and congested lungs.

At the time, the African rock python named Tiny was reportedly in the care of Brandon's mother, who was also watching his other snakes and 12 tarantulas.

The Guardian reports a veterinarian visited Brandon's bedroom after the death and said the snakes were kept in good conditions and that Brandon "cared for his reptiles."