Pet owners warns others after her dogs died after eating mushrooms in her yard

(Associated Press)

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. – A pet owner is warning others after her two dogs died after eating poisonous mushrooms growing in her yard.

Janna Joyner told WRAL her dogs, Drago, a Saint Bernard, and Adoni, a lab mix, died over the weekend. 

Joyner, who works for a group that helps foster dogs, came home Sunday and found Drago and Adoni dead, while her other four dogs were vomiting and stumbling around the house.

Blood tests showed Amatoxin, a poisonous toxin, in the dogs' systems. Joyner's dogs had eaten Amanita mushrooms, which are called "Death Caps" or "Death Angels" because there is no antidote.

Dogs can go from healthy to dead within 24 to 48 hours after eating the poisonous mushrooms.

Pet owners are urged to clear their yards of all mushrooms as there is no way to tell which ones are safe. In Joyner's case, the mushrooms in her yard were covered by mulch and she had no idea they were there.