After heavy rains, Florida pet owners on lookout for deadly toads

MIAMI – While recent downpours will help South Florida lawns, they may set up a potentially deadly scenario for pets.

Toxic Bufo or Cane toads are becoming more and more common in Miami-Dade and Broward yards after storms that have passed over the area in recent weeks.

The toads expel toxic material from their glands which can cause convulsions and seizures in pets, according to WPTV.

If not treated quickly, pets can die within minutes.

“Even a small sized toad can produce a lot of toxin,” Jeannine Tilford of Toad Busters in Palm Beach County said.

Toad Busters specializes in eliminating the toads. Tilford told WPTV that on some nights, she captures more than 100 toads on one property.

Like the Burmese pythons that are suffocating the Florida Everglades, Bufo toads are an invasive species brought to the U.S. from South America.