Dog abandoned along Oakland Park running trail in need of surgery

Lola suffered broken leg that has begun to heal improperly

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. – Three disturbing abandoned dog cases Local 10 News has covered in the last couple days happened between Saturday night and early Wednesday morning, and one dog still needs help.

Lola was recently found abandoned along an Oakland Park running trail, right next to a fire station.

"My neighbor found me early in the morning and he had had his dogs up here and he was starting out on the trail -- this little trail where they walk the animals -- and he saw her laying on the grass," Karen Nagy said. 

Nagy temporarily took in the pup, gave her a new name and quickly realized she was in bad shape.

"Her paw is injured and she was covered with ticks and flea bites and everything," Nagy said. 

It turns out, Lola isn't even a year old, but her leg had been broken for so long, it had already started to heal improperly. She now needs major surgery to correct it.

"She cannot set her foot down flat, like this foot," Nagy explained. "This foot sits down flat. This foot kind of stays up like that and it pronates out like that."

Nagy is working with the iHeart Animal Rescue to raise funds for the surgery. But at this point, they're still thousands of dollars short and they're hoping people can step up to help.

"I've been crying since it happened," Nagy said. "I'm not a professional dog rescuer, so this is like getting to me."

"It's just horrible, just people have to move, they can't take their dogs with them, they can't afford maybe to live with themselves and they just dump the dogs," said Cindy Mucciaccio, of iHeart Animal Rescue.

Visit I Heart Animal Rescue's Facebook page to find out how to donate to Lola's surgical expenses or if you would like to foster or adopt her. For more information, call Mucciaccio at 954-709-7997.

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