4 signs your dog is healthy

Here are 4 signs your dog is healthy:

1. Fresh Breath
If your dog has relatively clean smelling breath and teeth, it is in good health. If there is buildup of food in their teeth, this could be a sign of gingivitis, a gum disease. If not treated, it can lead to health issues elsewhere in your dog's body.

2. Shiny fur
Healthy dogs have a shiny clean coat of fur. Baths for most breeds are not necessary on a frequent basis to keep fur clean. Natural oils and shedding will help on their own.

3. Regular bathroom breaks
Regular bladder and bowl movements are a sign your dog is healthy. If their urine or stool are discolored, this is a sign there may be something wrong with their diet or health.

4. Alert and interactive
If your dog is greeting you at the door, eager to spend time around the family, or watching with interest, this is a sign of good health. If dogs have dis-interest and want to be alone, this could be a sign something is wrong.

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