Abused pit bull puppy finds new, loving home with veterinarian

4-month-old puppy named Finn has healed from all wounds

By Sanela Sabovic - Reporter

COOPER CITY, Fla. - A South Florida puppy who was seriously abused has found a new, loving family.

The dog, formerly known as Dexter, has both a new home and a brand-new life in a new city.

He was adopted by a veterinarian who works at the animal hospital where he received treatment.

The 4-month-old pit bull puppy is now thriving and making a full recovery. 

"He's been a great addition to our family," Dr. William Ratterree said.  

Ratterree is an oncologist at Leader Animal Specialty Hospital in Cooper City.

"We knew we could fix him, give him a good home and he'll be with us for the long haul," Ratterree said.  

The Ratterree family used to own a pit bull, but she died last year and it has been hard for the family to cope with that loss. 

So when they saw Dexter, whom they have named Finn, they immediately decided to welcome him into their home in Naples.

Finn now has a house filled with love and he’s got Ratterree’s 9-year-old son to play with along with two cats.

"New name, new start, new house. Forget the past and stay positive for the future," Ratterree said. 

It's been a tough road for Finn. 

He was rushed to the animal hospital last month in critical condition and spent several weeks recovering from injuries police said he suffered at the hands of his previous owner, Daniel Smith. 

Smith, 21, eventually turned himself in and was charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

Finn has shown tremendous improvement and Ratterree is looking forward to giving him a good life.

So what's next for the puppy?

"He'll start puppy classes," Ratterree said. "With his background and his history, what happened, you always want to make sure they are socialized right."

Ratterree said all of Finn's wounds have healed, but the veterinarian will be keeping a close eye on Finn's hind leg, which was fractured. 

All of the donations received at the animal hospital by viewers have paid for Finn's medical expenses.

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