Boxer puppy in need of help to be saved from life-threatening condition

Boxer Friends volunteers do all they can to raise money for Dolly

By Nicole Perez - Anchor/Reporter

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - A boxer puppy is in need of help after being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition that requires surgery.

Dolly is described as an adorable, happy and playful boxer puppy, who loves everyone and is loved by everyone.

"Dolly loves everybody. I don't think she's met anyone who she didn't want to be friends with," Dr. Kate Cappe, associate veterinarian at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital, said. 

But Dolly has what's called a liver shunt.

"Her blood flow to her liver is abnormal, so all that blood that is needed to be filtered by the liver is abnormal and she starts to accumulate toxins in her body and that starts to make her feel very sick," Cappe said. 

A liver shunt is a birth defect, and if Dolly doesn't get the medical attention she needs, or surgery, it could take her life.

"You would never know anything is wrong with her. You know, she is a happy, playful puppy. She has tons of friends here," Cappe said.

Cappe said Dolly is responding well to the oral medication she's on, enjoys her treats and doesn't limit any playing time at all.

"Ultimately, she doesn't really know that anything is wrong with her," Cappe said. "In the end, we need to raise the money so we can get her this very specialized procedure."

Volunteers at Boxer Friends are doing all they can to help Dolly along the way and keep her spirits high.

One volunteer makes customized collars for just $4, and all proceeds go right back to the rescue.

"I want people to know Dolly is a young dog," Cappe said. "She doesn't even have the opportunity to really have a family to call her own, and all of us a have been contributing to her success so far. I just really look forward to her having the surgery and that it is a success, so she can find that love that everyone has for their pets and a forever home."

Click here to donate to Boxer Friends to support Dolly and other rescue boxers.

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