D.O.G brings luxury for your furry friends to South Florida

D.O.G brings luxury for your furry friends to South Florida

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MIAMI - There's a new hotel in South Florida but humans aren't allowed to check in. And it's too bad because some of the amenities sound downright tempting!

D.O.G Daycare, Obedience & Grooming, billed as a "luxurious and upscale facility for canines," has officially opened its doors in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood.

The 14,000-square-foot facility houses two custom designed enhancement parks, hotel suites, and a wide array of services including boarding, daycare, grooming and everything your pampered pooch expects.

Agility exercise classes, doggie yoga classes, massage, playtime or a nap in a Zen soundproof room can also be had for the asking.

Seriously? Forget my dog. Where do I sign up?

"There is nothing like D.O.G in South Florida," said owner Hector Antunez. "We provide luxurious accommodations to ensure each dog that comes through our doors feels right at home."

Pet owners can drop off their four-legged friends at the facility during the workday to enjoy the two indoor, bug-free enhancement dog parks where dogs can socialize with breeds of a similar size.

For overnight stays, D.O.G provides spacious suites for ultimate comfort at a variety of prices. And the staff will comply with any special request to make your pet feel right at home.

D.O.G is open seven days a week. The facility also offers special membership packages that gives pet owners full access to the facility, special offers, complimentary Wi-fi Café, hotel stays and other perks.

But all this luxury doesn't necessarily come cheap.

If you plan to board your 4-legged friend while you're away, for example, you can choose from a variety of Bow-wow bonuses to keep your pooch happy.

Run on the Treadmill: $1 per minute
Kong Filled with Organic Peanut Butter: $3
20-Minute Personal Playtime: $8 per day
20-Minute Family Playtime (Dogs from the same suite are joined to play): $10 per day
15-Minute Relaxation Massage: $25
Bottled Water: $6 per day
Bedtime Tummy Rub: $5 per night
"Bone" Call (Speak with your pet while away): $5 per call
Grooming: Prices may vary

For more information and prices on D.O.G., call 786.391.0839 or visit www.dogmiami.com

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