Rabbits as pets

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Can Cookie hop on over to your place?

Are rabbits easy to keep as pets?

Not as easy as many people think.  They must live indoors, allowed 30 hours of exercise per week, fed 1-2 cups of fresh vegetables per day, and can be destructive.  They also need regular veterinary care, and must be spayed and neutered.

Can't they just live outside in a hutch?

While this practice was common when most of us were children, we know a lot more about rabbits now.  A rabbit that lives in an outdoor hutch has a life expectancy of about one year.  House rabbits live 8-10 years.

Do rabbits make suitable pets for children?

I do not believe that children younger than 10 years old can be expected to properly care for a rabbit.  Bear in mind that most "Easter bunnies" sold by the pet trade are babies.  When they mature, they can feel threatened by a child's naturally high level of energy.

Will my rabbit be happier living in the wild?

No! Your domesticated rabbit cannot survive in the Everglades or in a public park!  Let your rabbit live indoors and get to know him a bit better.  If you genuinely cannot make it work, contact a local rescue organization.

What about baby chicks and ducklings for Easter?

Only if you mean the marshmallow types. These are not toys, they are animals. When they grow up, they will not be suitable pets for the typical suburban family.

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