Why are pet annual exams important?

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As humans, we know the importance of going to our own annual physical exams to make sure everything is in order with our health. These annual physicals are also important for your pets.

Aside from getting any needed vaccinations, an exam can also help determine any physical issues your pet might be experiencing.

Exams can find instances of dental disease. Vets can determine if the dental disease needs to be treated based on the severity.

Vets can also look for skin issues that pet owners might not notice. This can include growths, lumps and skin irritations.

Exams can also reveal if your pet has gained or lost weight. Vets will also check your pet's ears, eyes and joints.

Vets may also perform blood work or a urinalysis during your pet's exam. These tests can ensure your pet's organs are working as they should, and detect any possible signs of infection.

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