Home sweet … cargo container? Man builds 'proof-everything' home

Davie builder creates a first for South Florida


DAVIE, Fla. – Cargo containers carrying a wide variety of goods are a common sight at seaports and rolling down our highways. But residents of a Davie neighborhood were surprised when eight empty containers showed up on a vacant lot.

"People came up to me and said ‘what’s going on here?’ I told them I was building a home out of cargo containers," said architect and builder Asghar Fathi.

Fathi has designed all kinds of structures, from luxury homes to hospitals, but nothing like this.

"I just couldn’t convince any client to do it.  As soon as you tell them a shipping container, their mouth drops," he said.

Now his vision is quickly becoming a reality.

"All eight containers went up in two days after the foundation and stuff were prepared for it," Fathi said.

The biggest challenge? Finding a good welder.

"I did not so I’m dealing with some of the issues I had and fixing it as I go along," he said.

When it comes to the shape of the structure, Fathi had to resign himself to rectangles.

"It’s like you’re working with Legos, but I like working with Legos," he said with a smile.

Before it’s ready for occupancy, the house will be covered in a dense shield, followed by a layer of stucco.

"The inside will be  insulated and dry-walled.  When this is done, you’ll never know it was done with a container," Fathi said.

And the finished product will be able to stand the forces of Mother Nature.

"Hurricane-proof, earthquake-proof, fireproof, everything proof," Fathi said laughing.

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