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Thinking about new windows? How do installations work, anyway?

Windows. (Photo provided by FHIA.)

The windows of your home are one of the most useful and important features.

Windows are a vital component of your home’s exterior and interior aesthetic appeal. Great windows offer views of the outdoors, open up the house with natural light, and circulate clean air into the residence.

However, windows don’t last forever.

Old and worn-out windows in need of replacement can work against the flow of your home, decreasing its aesthetic appeal, limiting energy-efficiency and performance, and costing you more money to heat and cool your house. If your windows are in need of replacement, you might be wondering what the installation process looks like: Does it take a long time? Can you remain in the home? Does it make a big mess?

Here’s what the experts at FHIA Remodeling had to say:

When an FHIA team comes out for a window installation, you can expect ...

No mess (or at least, not one you’ll have to deal with!)

The team will lay plastic and move furniture to keep your décor safe. The crew will also vacuum all dust and debris, so it’s not an extra step for you.

An expert installation

All of the company’s window installations are completed by trained, licensed, and insured crews.

You can expect a flawless window fit, no matter the size or shape. Quality is a top priority at FHIA, which is why the company only works with trustworthy professionals when it comes to installations.

Top-of-the-line framing

New framing around the windows themselves ensures that the setup can hold heavy, impact windows. The framing is waterproof, as well.

Yes, you can remain at home.

That’s not a problem at all. Maybe you’d like to stay, or perhaps you’d rather leave. Installation teams are fine with either option.

Florida house windows endure a lot — from heat and humidity to strong solar rays, salty sea air and hurricane-strength winds.

If you’re planning to upgrade these ultra-critical features, you shouldn’t trust the job to just any window replacement company. Windows matter, and so does installation. These are things you’ll want to consider and weigh.

FHIA considers itself to be the local authority on hurricane-tough windows.

To learn more or get a quote, contact the company here.