LASIK Surgery Saving People from Foggy Glasses Due to Masking

Bascom Palmer Ophthalmologist Changing How Patients View the World

Dr. Ellen Koo is an ophthalmologist and LASIK specialist at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Palm Beach Gardens. For more information about LASIK surgery, click here or visit the UHealth blog.


Tori Rodgers is a pharmacist who grew tired of wearing her glasses or contacts at work every day.

“Just staring at a computer screen in health care for 10, 12 hours a day, really straining on the eyes,” says Tori.

Dr. Ellen Koo, an ophthalmologist and LASIK specialist at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, says more people like Tori are opting for LASIK surgery since the pandemic started.

I think that’s partly due to the fact that we’ve been all wearing masks and masks really do contribute to fogging in your glasses,” says Ellen Koo, M.D. “LASIK surgery is a specialized laser procedure that uses two different types of laser to allow people to get out of their contacts or prescription glasses.”

Dr. Koo says the first laser creates a very thin flap in the cornea or the surface of the eye.

“After the flap is made, the flap is lifted and we use the second laser, the excimer laser, which then corrects those imperfections on the cornea,” Dr. Koo says. “The whole process takes maybe 20 minutes in the LASIK suite.”

“When I woke up, my world was entirely different,” Tori says. “I opened my eyes and I was like, just, wow.”

Tori says Dr. Koo and her team at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute have opened her eyes to a new way of life.

“I’m not tired. My eyes aren’t strained,” says Tori. “It’s definitely life changing.”


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