How can installing impact windows affect your home insurance?

Homeowners can expect to get up to a 45% discount on premiums

A room filled with windows. (Prestige Windows & Doors)

Many Floridians are aware that replacing old windows with high-impact, hurricane-resistant windows can enhance safety inside the home.

But it turns out they can much more than that. The windows are also a sound choice when it comes to lowering your energy bills and increasing your property’s resale value.

Another likely unexpected benefit of installing impact windows is that it can reduce your home insurance costs, according to Prestige Windows and Doors.

State legislation and discounts

On March 1, 2002, state legislation was passed requiring insurance companies to provide homeowners with discounts on their property insurance if certain features are added to their policy that reduce damage or loss from a windstorm. These special premium discounts were officially rolled out in 2003.

Risk mitigation

Whether you’re planning to install residential or storefront windows and doors, you should leave the job to a licensed professional. Furthermore, to qualify for a discount from most insurance companies, you must install impact windows and doors on all the openings of your home.

To learn about the qualification process, you should contact your insurance provider. Make sure that you are getting the right amount of credit for all your completed home improvements. Homeowners can expect to get up to a 45% discount on premiums when they show proof of risk mitigation features.

Engineer-approved certification

After the installation, you should get a copy of the certification of the key construction features from your window contractor. You will need to present the documents to your insurance provider in order to qualify for the discounts.

The certifications must be approved by an engineer, engineering firm, building official or registered architect. If your window contractor did not provide this for you, you can call a local inspection company that offers this type of service. This is a less-expensive way to obtain this certification.

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