Heat quickly turn focus to Spurs

Miami begins preparing for NBA Finals

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MIAMI – After a 24-hour break, the Miami Heat quickly turned their focus to the San Antonio Spurs and the NBA Finals.

After clinching the Eastern Conference Championship Monday night, Miami returned to the practice floor on Wednesday.

LeBron James knows that while beating the Pacers was rewarding, it's not the ultimate prize.

James said, "That's what I play the game for, is to win championships."

Dwyane Wade noted that the Heat hadn't gotten too deep into Spurs preparations just yet, "Obviously, we've only done a little preparation so far.  As we get into practice, as we get more into the film, opportunities will be different, every series is different."

The Pacers tested the Heat's weakness, as Indiana is a big, physical team.

San Antonio plays a different, more skilled style.

The Spurs are coming off more than a week off after sweeping Memphis out of the Western Conference Finals.

Coach Erik Spoelstra said the key for Miami is play their brand of basketball, "We'll have a different challenge doing it against the Spurs than we did against the Pacers, that much is clear.  Their game is different offensively.  They'll attack us in different ways."

Those different ways will include a healthy dose of Tony Parker and Tim Duncan.

The Spurs bring the pedigree of four-championships to this series.

One of those wins came over LeBron James and Cleveland back in 2007.

James did not forget that loss.

He said, "It's a long process.  It's the most difficult thing I've ever had to do in playing basketball.  That's what I'm here for.  I'm here to win championships and you're not always going to be on the successful side and I've seen it twice, not being on the successful side.  So to be able to put myself in a position to play for one, I'm happy with that."

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