South Florida seniors okay with San Antonio Spurs' age


TAMARAC, Fla. – Seniors at the Tamarac Community Center believe the San Antonio Spurs' aging roster won't hurt their title chances.

"I think Tim Duncan is a great player and the best thing about him is he is one of the oldest players in the NBA and no peer pressure," said David Bohrer.

Even longtime coach Gregg Popovich things Duncan is old.

"He's older than dirt. That's the deal," said Popovich.

And according to Al Lang, a senior at the community center, the NBA stands for "Nothing but age" when it comes to the Spurs, who face the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

Bohrer and Rick Auerbach also offered some advice. Lesson one: Don't stay out late on South Beach.

"A lot of them go to these hip joints but many of the older players are going to be getting hip joints soon," said Bohrer. "If some of the Spurs want to know where the best early birds are, get in touch with me."

"The plan the wife says is a nap and then ready to go at nine," added Auerbach.