Miami Heat fans prepare their pots, pans

Heat face Spurs in title-deciding Game 7

MIAMI – Miami Heat fans are getting their pots and pans ready for what they hope is a celebration after Game 7.

But where did the tradition start? Many South Floridians say it's a Cuban thing.

World-renowned percussionist Willie Stewart said it goes much deeper than that.

"When you're born, you're in your mother's womb, that heartbeat is your heartbeat. It connects you back to the universe, so the moment you feel celebrated, you want to beat something," he said. "The connection to Cuban music is from Africa."

Stewart said the African roots in islanders who live in South Florida make them want to beat their pots and pans like drums.

"Don't knock it until you try it," he added.

Local 10's Neki Mohan, Stewart, and his production assistant later composed their own Miami Heat tune.