Professor Will's report card


MIAMI – That was an absolute embarrassing effort by the Dolphins in Buffalo on Sunday. I'm not even sure embarrassing does it justice. Few games in the history of the Dolphins have been more embarrassing. And remember, this is from a franchise that once suffered a 62-7 loss in the playoffs. With so much on the line, Miami controlling its own playoff fate, the Fins fell flat and were shut out 19-0 by a third string quarterback.

What makes it worse is that the Dolphins have lost twice this season to the Bills with Thad Lewis as the starter. That's just unacceptable.

Normally I spend some time and effort giving out grades for each unit on the Dolphins, but today it's just one score -- F. Is there anything worse than an F? This entire game was a total failure for the Dolphins. From the pathetic effort from the offense, to the inability of the defense to slow down the Bills running game, or force a bad QB into mistakes, to a coaching staff that clearly didn't have this team ready, take your pick. They all failed.

So instead of wasting your time and breaking down each unit, let's just say Miami failed. It was an "F" at the worst time of the season for a team that had won three straight games.

Now it's back to scoreboard watching and hoping for a chance to make the playoffs. About the only good news is that the Dolphins play the Jets next Sunday. That's a team very capable of making any team look good.