Vic's Picks: 'It should have been so easy'


MIAMI – It should have been so easy.

All the Miami Dolphins had to do was beat a third string QB and Geno Smith and they were in the playoffs. Instead, the Dolphins short circuited on offense and defense and finished the season with an incredibly disappointing yet unsurprising record of 8-8.

I don't have any players to highlight this week. My picks will consist of the tweets that helped softened the blow.

Chris Perkins ?@chrisperk
Hard to classify this loss: disappointing, crushing, embarrassing, humiliating, unreal, totally expected, typical...

Marc Hochman ?@MarcHochman
Retweet to boooooo the Dolphins.

Dan Le Batard Show ?@LeBatardShow
Such a breathtaking choke

Armando Salguero ?@ArmandoSalguero
I've seen a lot of Dolphins end of year meltdowns in my day. This is worst.

Billy Corben ?@BillyCorben
"Hey, remember the last time the Miami Dolphins were in the Super Bowl? Cuz I sure don't." -- Everybody born after 1984

daniel tosh ?@danieltosh
ban jeff ireland from the state of florida! only highlight of my day: muting dan dierdorf in the 1st quarter.

Well at least we have the Heat.