Heat hit slump

Miami struggling in past few games


MIAMI – There's no denying it, the back-to-back champs are in a slump.

After dropping a game to Brooklyn, the Heat have now lost 4 of their last 5 games.

After Wednesday night's 96-95 loss, LeBron James said "Losing 4 out of 5, that's pretty bad.  So we gotta get better, especially at the beginning of March."

The loss also brought the Heat's record to 0-3 on the season against Brooklyn.

LeBron said the Heat haven't quite figured the Nets out, "If we would've had the answer, we would've won."

Chris Bosh said, "I think sometimes you just have matchup troubles with some guys, but we just have to continue to try and figure it out.  I think eventually we will.  We might see them in the playoffs, and that's all we can hope for so we can get a win against them."

Miami hosts Denver on Friday night.

On Sunday, the Heat face the Rockets at the American Airlines Arena.