Marlins' fan to grow out beard until Fernandez recovers

Fernandez recovering from Tommy John surgery

MIAMI – A Marlins' fan is vowing not to shave until star pitcher Jose Fernandez returns to the mound. 

The 21-year-old rookie of the year is out for the rest of the season recovering from Tommy John surgery to repair a torn UCL. It typically takes 12-18 months to recover from the surgery and Andres Salgado wants Fernandez to know he still has the support of fans.

In a YouTube video posted Friday, Salgado declared he'll grow out his hair and a beard until Fernandez pitches for the team again. 

"I wouldn't be the die hard Marlins fan I am if I didn't show some support for Jose," he announced, as he took a razor to his head. Salgado added that he will make an exception for his neck. "I can't pull off a neck beard, so that's getting shaved every once in a while."

Below is the entire video announcing Salgado's pledge. (Mobile users click here.)