Cleveland's confidence grows about LeBron return

Cavs making full court press


MIAMI – Cleveland appears to be growing in confidence that LeBron James will return to the Cavs.

The four-time MVP is set to meet with Heat President Pat Riley on Wednesday.

A Cleveland t-shirt maker already has designed a shirt that reads "For6iven" to indicate LeBron's return.

Ceder Point is planning to name a roller coaster after LeBron if he comes back.

More importantly, the Cavs created cap space for a possible return by trading away the salary of Jarrett Jack in a 3-team deal.

On twitter, moving trucks were also spotted outside of LeBron's Coconut Grove home.

LeBron does spent his summers in Ohio and is planning a trip to the World Cup final in Brazil.

For now, plenty of signs pointing towards a possible return, but nothing concrete from LeBron.

Rather, he posted a picture with some of his high school friends on instagram.

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