Miami-Dade commissioners vote to offer stadium site to David Beckham

County officials hope to bring MLS stadium near Marlins Park

MIAMI – The Miami-Dade County Commission voted Tuesday to offer soccer star David Beckham a site near Marlins Park for his new Major League Soccer stadium.

The resolution called for Mayor Carlos Gimenez or his designee to negotiate and finalize agreements to bring a MLS stadium to the former Orange Bowl site or any possible sites Beckham may be interested in.

The parcel on the west side of the ballpark has been generally earmarked for soccer fields.  Now it's the latest offering to Beckham from the county that pulled the plug on Beckham's hope for a public venue on the waterfront. 

Beckham's team is looking at buying private land for his MLS expansion team.

"Has there been any communication?" Local 10 News reporter Glenna Milberg asked Commissioner Bruno Barreiro.

"They have not reached out," said Barreiro. "I have reached out recently to try to tell them 'Hey,we're here.'"

"And did you get a response?" asked Milberg.

"They said, 'We're looking at it'.... but nothing -- very quiet," said Barreiro.

By all accounts, it has been a few months since the last communication between Beckham and Miami-Dade County officials.

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