Heat look forward to next season

Miami begins offseason early


MIAMI – Instead of planning for the playoffs, the Miami Heat have started planning for next season.

The team held exit interviews on Friday.

Head Coach Erik Spoelstra said, "We're not going to sit on our hands this offseason.  We're going to be very determined to not have this happen again."

Spoelstra added, "The immediate future will be getting away from this season.  We have high standards, we're not used to this early offseason."

Spoelstra did praise the development of his young players this season, "One of the silver linings is the experience our young players received this year."

Coach Spoelstra said he wants Hassan Whiteside to get "really specific in the offseason and really take another jump... I just want him to commit- it's really as simple as that.  We will put together a very specific program for him this summer."

Spoelstra said he wants the Heat to play faster next year.

Chris Bosh said that his offseason started 2 months ago.

Bosh said, "I'm cleared, I'm good to go.  I'm at square one, that's where I am... This summer I have the chance to build slow and come back (next season) in the best shape of my life."

Bosh is confident in his team, "We're going to have the talent to compete next year.  I truly believe that."

Guard Goran Dragic said he was going to getaway this summer and spend time in Europe with his family.

Dragic will opt out of his contract, but said he enjoyed his experience with the Heat.

The team is expected to make a push to keep Dragic on the roster.

Dwyane Wade said there were no excuses for this season.

Wade added that guys on the team played hard, despite injuries.

Wade said he hasn't had much time to reflect because being out of the playoffs is such a strange place.

Hassan Whiteside declined to speak with the media.

The interview session was not mandatory.

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