Football team breaks out "Whip" & "Nae Nae" during game

Video of team dance party goes viral on Internet

MILFORD, Mass. – You hear the one about the football game that broke out into a dance party?

That's exactly what happened recently during a youth football scrimmage in Milford, Mass.

While two varsity high school teams rested up during halftime of their game, the Mighty Mites took the field to get a feel for playing under the bright lights of the stadium.

As the kids were running through their plays, the massively popular "Watch Me (Whip-Nae Nae)" song by Silento began playing over the PA system.

Soon, the uniformed players, aged 7-9, forgot about football and broke out into the dance that has become a phenomenon all over the country.

Meanwhile, the kids who weren't dancing scored easily, but we're not sure they had the same amount of fun.