Florida State University settles lawsuit with woman who accused Jameis Winston of rape

FSU will pay Erica Kinsman $250,000, attorneys $700,000

(Cal Sport Media via AP Images)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida State University is settling a lawsuit with a woman who said she was raped by former star quarterback Jameis Winston.

FSU President John Thrasher announced the settlement Monday. Thrasher said FSU will pay Erica Kinsman $250,000 and her attorneys $700,000 to drop her Title IX lawsuit against the school.

Thrasher said the university is settling to avoid spending millions on the lawsuit.

"We have an obligation to our students, their parents and Florida taxpayers to deal with this case, as we do all litigation, in a financially responsible manner," Thrasher said in a statement. "With all the economic demands we face, at some point it doesn't make sense to continue, even though we are convinced we would have prevailed."

Kinsman said the university failed to reply to allegations that Winston sexually assaulted Kinsman. She has a separate lawsuit pending against Winston.

Winston, who was the No. 1 overall pick in last year's NFL Draft and is now the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, denied Kinsman's allegation. FSU cleared him of wrongdoing.

Tallahassee State Attorney Willie Meggs didn't press criminal charges, saying there were gaps in Kinsman's story and insufficient evidence for a conviction.

The Associated Press doesn't routinely identify people who say they're sexual assault victims. However, Kinsman told her story publicly in a documentary and filed lawsuits.

Thrasher said FSU "remains committed to making our campus safe for all students and our school free of sexual harassment and sexual assault."

"As I've said before, one sexual assault against or committed by an FSU student is one too many," he said.